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Broadway World's Review of "The Invisible Hand"

Elijah Alexander

Excerpts from Broadway World's review of "The Invisible Hand", by Jay Irwin:  

"There are moments, Dear Reader, when you can encounter a work that can completely revitalize your love of good theater.  Such was a moment for me the other night when I was lucky enough to catch ACT's production of 'The Invisible Hand' 

 Elijah Alexander turns in a performance that I could not keep my eyes off.  He completely owns the stage when he's on and manages to deliver a truly layered and complex portrait of a man stuck in between his religion, his duty, his drive and his friendship. 

And each and every one of the ensemble are so tight and together that they almost feel like one performer as the power dynamic shifts around the stage with grace."

The Huffington Post also reviewed the play from a political perspective: 
"a behind-the-scenes look at what might really be happening in the Mid-East, and I have no doubt that it will leave audiences thinking and rethinking their beliefs."