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The Invisible Hand: "Powerful, relevant, moving …"

Elijah Alexander

"I can guarantee that you will not find a more powerful, relevant or moving drama in any Seattle theater."

"All of these characters are rich and thoroughly genuine. There is not a false moment in the entire play and never an obvious or simple word uttered by any of them.  Their interactions feel spontaneous and thoroughly believable, their hopes and fears thoroughly rooted in the reality of their lives."

"Elijah Alexander is … compelling and powerful as Bashir.  Balancing brutality with a sense of civilized hope, his enormous stage presence becomes all of the power that shackles Nick in this forgotten place.  What I liked best about Bashir was the sense that he would do anything, anything to advance his cause, but that it must already have been justified in his own mind and to his own morality.  Entrance to that dark and forbidding place is as captivating and dangerous as the cell where Nick is held."

Review of Ayad Ahktar's "The Invisible Hand" by Jerry Kraft for  

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