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Reviews of 'The Real Thing' at Aurora Theatre

Elijah Alexander

Elijah played 'Henry' in Tom Stoppard's Tony Award winning play "The Real Thing", which enjoyed a successful extended run at the Aurora Theatre Company in Berkeley, CA during February 2017.   

"Alexander makes the all-Henry-all-the-time show very worth watching… Alexander is chilling."
San Francisco Chronicle

"Alexander... looks like a cross between Mark Ruffalo and Freddie Mercury and acts like a cross between Jim Carrey and Christopher Hitchens.  He's a wry, cavorting, glorious jester. And whenever "The Real Thing" runs long or gets lost in itself, he pulls it back on course."
Edge Media Network 

"Elijah Alexander puts us right at home in Henry’s self-deprecating wit—we come to love him, as he tries to make all odds even."

"An admirable, yet endearing, performance by Elijah Alexander as the playwright Henry successfully compliments Stoppard’s masterful use of language."

"In Alexander’s hands, Henry’s progression... is the evening’s highlight. Watching him, I can imagine the excitement caused by a similar journey taken by another fine actor, Jeremy Irons, in the play’s 1984 Broadway premiere."     
Pacific Sun